At the First

Hullo cyberspace! It is great to be here, wonderful of you to stop by, and all that jazz.

To start: I am no where near qualified to write about what I am going to write about.  The reason why I put up this blog is so that it can act as some sort of repository of things I’ve gone through, specifically in the household and family areas of life.  I do not claim to be an advocate, nor do I endorse one or a certain way of thinking of any kind.  I am not here to preach but to discuss as openly as I allow myself things that I have learned, discovered, gone through and have perplexed me in the hope that this may help others, or inspire others, or to actually just make people laugh and/or think.  In my mind, there is no real “RIGHT WAY” of doing this, there is only the right thing for you.  This seems the right thing for me.  So here I am, writing, doodling, freestyling off a virtual page.  Well, there’s THAT and also there is the excuse to flex my editing and writing skillz, if any.  So, here I go.  I guess place to start is the beginning and telling you the skinny about myself.

I am a mother, a new one with my little punk being almost 4 months old as of this writing.  My partner in life and I were thrilled and TADA! We became a tribe 🙂  I titled this as The Domesticated Drummer because I am a drummer who has, um, been domesticated.  But see, if any of my friends were to see this, they would probably say, “You’ve always been domesticated”, as I always had a tendency to bake and become Laura Ingalls Wilder, or Ina Garten.  Indeed a few years back, when I decided to reread ALL of the “Little House” books, I had grand ideas of making my own jam and butter; as well as attempt to pickle things for winter…..but see, we don’t have a winter here in the tropics, so I had to let that dream slide for realistic ones such as figuring out where I can get a next gig.

That being said, I still love my rock n’roll. I will always love my rock n’roll, and music of any kind.  I will always love my tattoos, my drinks, and my live music.  Always.  I don’t think I will ever really get bored watching live acts, or be part of a band or anything to do with music.  I will always love a great rhythm, the sound of the floor tom, the RRRRRRRAT-TAT-TAT! a good crisp snare can make, the “TING!” of a awesome ride cymbal and the thump of a well toned kick drum.  I’ve even had a stint as posing as a DJ and playing a few gigs here and there across the metro.  They were fun, but I have accepted that I will never really be as good as those who are really into it, and I should just stick to beating / pounding things with sticks.  With the way my son is going, he and I could soon do duets on our pots and pans at home with his dad on his guitar.  Currently, I am starting a new band (fingers crossed) with a bunch of friends of mine, but I’ll leave that to another entry to fully unfold.  I promise, it will be a fun story.  Or at least FUN-NY.

I am an aspiring cello player.  I have a cello that has been gathering dust (I’m so sorry Bowie) and which needs my attention.  One of the resolutions I have this year, is to pick up the bow and practice.  I just need to tune the darn thing.  And get back to lessons.

And on top of it all, I will always love to write.  What better way to marry all these things than put up a blog?

So here I am, hat in hand, trying my hand out in this blogging thing.  Should be interesting to see what I can wrangle up and if people will actually find any of this interesting.  Nonetheless, I’ll keep posting and see how far this goes.

I wonder if this can serve as a record to aliens, or if the future USes will look back and use this as research to how we lived our lives in the early 21st century.  What a trip!  And I’m pretty sure this will be too! 🙂


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