Throwback Thursday :)

So last week started with a BANG!

We ended and started the week off going out of the country to watch the Rolling Stones.  Yes, we know, it is a bit of an expense, but because we booked early and tried to get the best bang out of our bucks, we got some pretty good deals for the trip. If there was one with we splurged on it was our first meal, in Din Tai Fung.  Wow. We had those truffled Xiao Long Baos, which were AMAZING, and the roe filled ones that were so rich I honestly do not know how I stood up at the end of the meal without toppling over.  There was also a vegetable and pork dumpling that was reminiscent of the spicy wonton in Mein San in Greenhills (a FAVE), which was DELISH and was of course better.  But I will always love me some Mien San.


spicy cucmber

vegetable and pork spicy dumpling

Vegetable and pork spicy dumpling (mien san like)

Roe Xiao Long Bao

Roe Xiao Long Bao

truffle Xiao Long Bao

THE truffle Xiao Long Bao

But wait. Back to the Stones.  So we get to Hong Kong, and meet up with our couple friends who were there.  We went around with the wifey as the husband was coming in that night.  So we went exploring and figured out how far the MTR was from our hotel.  Because I am still breastfeeding my son (well breast pumping more like) I did my momma duties before venturing out into the city.  The concert was the next day in Macau.

The concert and the build up to the concert which slowly gained momentum in the months prior, all the way to seeing everyone there, was just…..EXCITING! We all had such a great time, the Stones were on top form, and I am now suffering from a funky back ache that I will blame on my hubby’s and my “Amazing Race-like” power walk/run through the ferry of Macau to HK and then through the MTR to the airport.  We saw our friends, at one point or another because they were just all in different groups and everyone was just EVERYWHERE!  There was even a group on Facebook with a bunch of us on there talking about where to eat, what to see and of course THE ROLLING STONES.

setlist from mike

Set List Man he calls himself


Our view out of our hotel window: The Rolling Stones’ airplane

From our seats!!!

From our seats!!!



I don't know if you can see it, but on the big screen is CHARLIE WATTS!!! :)

I don’t know if you can see it, but on the big screen is CHARLIE WATTS!!! 🙂

Long story short: this is the trip that showed me that 4 grand daddies can out-party, out groove and outlast a 35 year old.  And that I am just out of shape, and need to get back some sort of routine that involves me producing sweat.

RIP to L’Wren Scott.  Just got word that the Australian leg of their tour is postponed til further notice, understandably.  Such sad news.


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