Sticky Sunday

Hello pals on the internet!

Goodness, it is HOT and freaking HUMID here in the Philippines. The heat is suffocating, and really if there are still non believers of climate change out there, please come through our little archipelago and hang out for the rest of the summer.  Oh and typhoon season is on its way so, that will be an adventure too.  One of the reasons why I miss living abroad is the seasons… here we only have hot and wet. Yup all the jokes have been made, but it is so true.  Though I love the rain and rainy gloomy weather (why I loooooove London), I am frankly scared of what’s coming our way this typhoon season, and for the country who is still reeling over Yolanda (Typhoon Haiyan).

Be that as it may, I have news!  Well first, I’m sorry that I haven’t really written here (to the handful that follow this blog?), but it was just my birthday the other week (may 2). Big 36, and the idea of approaching 40 in 4 years is EXCITING me, and I’ve already been imagining what I could do for my 40th birthday 🙂  Apart from that, the little punkus has just turned 6 months old this last 14th (yay) so we’ve been told by the pediatrician that we can start feeding him solids (YAY!).  I’m so excited to have him with us on eating adventures!  I’m so excited to cook for him! 🙂  So today, I made his first foray into solid food: Carrots 🙂  We decided to start him with the “unappetizing” stuff first, like vegetables with the sincere hope that this will give him the palate to actually like vegetables when he grows up like we do.

So today he had his first taste of boiled and smushed carrots which he seemed to like, so YAY!  Just a few spoonfuls but that was fun to see him try and work his mouth around the new food. Here it is!

sabian's first food


I tend to keep the bottles of stuff we eat, so these were old jam jars.  I love how the smushed carrots are still so vibrantly orange!  Anyway, if you have any tips on what I can feed him next, I’d appreciate it.  Vegetables first please! 🙂

A bassist friend, turned DJ of mine who spun on my birthday made this playlist.  I hope you guys enjoy 🙂


A little something to groove to whilst reading the rest of the blog 🙂

So also, on Sundays, we have seen this brunch shindig emerge as of last week.  This is in the V Hotel in old Manila, and actually it is quite tasty.  There are lovely vinyls on sale and at play there, so hubby fit right in.  This week, he was asked to play the Beatles for brunch so he did! 🙂



hubby singing beatles

He’s so cute 😉


I’ve sadly had a bad back the last few days so I had to stay home with the baby, but hopefully next Sunday, we will be able to go and hang out again.  It’ll be fun to see Sabian see his daddy play! 🙂

Anyway, I hope your weekend was NOT as hot or humid as ours was, but hopefully still restful.  Take care and I will write again soon! 🙂