Weird Thursday

HI all. The weather has been weird the whole day, and it sorta fits my mood today.  We had no work today, which was a relief really, somehow I’ve been soooo tired recently even when getting 7 hours of sleep a night. Weird, right?

Anyway, been checking out new music for today. Here’s some I found 🙂

Bullet Dumas: an incredible local artist. He’s lovely and a mathematician.  Download his song HERE. Just login and register first.

Now I’ve talked about NOISE TRADE in the past.  I’ve found some gems there today:

I love the sound of these guys named Boncho. As their description says, if you like The Strokes, the Cars, The Ramones and Phoenix, you’d probably dig them.

There is also this artist, Lost and Found, and they sound like The Shins and the Black Keys (I don’t know the other two bands mentioned).

I don’t know how many of you out there are Motley Crue fans but a best friend is and she won’t shut up about them. I like them too just not to the fangirl levels she has reached.  Nonetheless, if you do know anything about them, it is usually about their debauchery in the 80s when make up and Aquanet were kings of all male dressing rooms.  This is still a great read, straight from Rolling Stone.

One of the biggest problems I have, especially since I’ve put myself on a budget, is making a healthy packed lunch. THIS just gave me a ton of ideas.

Still on the fence about the whole traveling alone thing. I like traveling alone, don’t get me wrong. But there are experiences that just need to be shared.  But there is some point in some of these trips, though the trip through the wilderness isn’t one that I want to take alone.

Interesting factoids about music.

And this is how English sounds like to those who don’t know how to speak it 😉

That’s it for now. I hope I get to write more soon! See ya then, and have a good one.




The promises of potential

This week thus far has been one helluva killer: but totally in a good way.  I have never been more productive in my life, I like my day job (for once) because not only am I learning about the job, it is forcing me to learn things about MYSELF (things like, how much patience I actually have when put to the test and that’s just waiting for paperwork to be done). 

Before I go on, you may want to check this out, my hubby is Bubble Based Boy, one of the dudes being featured here:

Yes yes, shameless plug, but whatever. It’s my blog 🙂

Anyway, so back to what I was saying about this week.  I’m astounded that it is now Wednesday, and that I’ve accomplished so much, and at the same time so little. Meaning, in MY weird head, it says that “Well, if you can do that much, then why couldn’t you have finished THAT much more?”

The answer is obviously, because I don’t want to kill myself. 

But seeing things come into fruition, slowly sure, but still coming along is exciting and really, truly TERRIFYING.  See, I can handle failure.  We’ve all had it, we’ve all missed that beat during a big gig, we’ve all messed up a deadline, somehow, some way, we’ve all tasted that cold almost rusty taste of defeat.

But very, VERY few of us have tasted success. Yes of course, the definition of success is something subjective but in this case I mean like, an idea that has that potential of shooting all sorts of directions coz OH HOLY SH*T, it may and actually can WORK.  I saw the possibility, the REAL possibility for a huge idea of mine to work.  And can work in ways that when I first conceived it, the potential for it to work in all these different ways never occurred to me.  It’s a fantastically giddy feeling, an anticipation, and then BOOM. Dread.

WHAT IF IT DID WORK HUH? What then? What the hell will I do? How will this change?

I like change and all, but yeah, it is still a change. 

You may say, “chill out dude, this hasn’t even HAPPENED yet. Ride the wave and roll with the punches.” You’re right to say that, and really the rational part of my brain is saying: CHILL THE F*CK OUT MAN.

But it’s there. This little light glowing in a foggy distance. It is something I can wait to get to, the journey and the promise of its potential is far more exciting 🙂

Til the next…..

Coming back slowly :)

Yes it has been a while. Life caught up with me, and well, I just had to answer.

I’ve now gotten back into the music scene here in Manila; I’m managing a band I used to manage back in 08 (?) til I had formed my own band and I needed to prioritize that. We’re all old friends, so it’s good that I get to hang with them again and I am excited to be part of their journey!

I’ve also started producing little gigs here and there again. Currently in my little excel file, I have *crikey* NINE shows from this month all the way to November4th. Well dang. Here I thought I was being all, “let’s space out the gigs….” But no. I think I went overboard. Ah well. The last prod I had, which was two days ago was a ginormous success so I’m glad to be doing it. Besides, I get to watch the acts I want to watch and hang out with people I like. With beer. Yay! I guess this is my equivalent to mommy time.

Anyway, since I’ve just put my son down to his afternoon nap, I think I have a bit of time to hang out here and catch up with all you lovely folks who are reading this blog.

Ah pasta. I’ve gotten back to freezing my homemade version of pesto (yay for balcony basil!) and I’m starting to get the hang of making tomato sauce from scratch (still trying a few ingredients out), but seeing that you can make pasta in one pan just made my year. Here check out some of the recipes from Buzzfeed:

The enchilada one looks so super yum!

Because seriously, what meat eater doesn’t like steak? And I love this woman. I followed her blog before all the books and shows and loved her love story with her “cowboy” husband. Then she knows how to cook these lovely hearty comforting dishes. YUM ALL THE WAY J

Maybe I shouldn’t comment on this topic, but I (as some have it seems) have noticed that there are a lot of self-entitled people out there. I find this to be true especially in the workplace. I work as an account director in an international advertising company and it astounds me that kids that come in looking for work expect that they should do very little of it. They somehow feel like it is owed to them in some way, to get that pay grade, that bonus, without doing a damn thing. Even the work they are supposed to be doing or are duly part of their job description is scoffed at. Being a new mom, I’m scared shitless that my son would lose this motivation to work because really, though most is hard, there is nothing like that feeling of accomplishment, or earned respect and just that feeling of being productive or having achieved something during the day. There is a confidence that comes with it that I personally have no been able to get anywhere else. So this was an interesting read:

I am a wee bit of a germophobe/OC dork, so I like washing my hands a lot. It’s come to a point that I have had to chill out with the washing as the skin on my fingers are getting cracked and whack (hehe I rhymed!). Anyhoo, for those of you who like to travel like I do, and are a little OC as well, maybe you want to read up on this:

The points are common sense really…. The bathroom stuff just freaks me out.

Lawd but I do want to live in this space:

Love it all. And that gallery wall is still a damn dream of mine. I have the posters and prints to cover several walls. Urg, I need to get around to framing them all.

Another love of mine is for books. I love this site because they talk about books and authors, and things said in those books by those authors. And they talk about the genius of books in general which DUH, is awesome. For those bookphiles out there, here are some little factoids that are a good read:

Whatever has been said about him, I like Richard Branson and love the way he took his destiny into his own hands. Here are some quotes from him to help us get through the week:

Because this has been two of the most trying weeks in my recent history, this list of “13 things to remember when life gets rough”, just about saved my sanity and reminded me I’m not such a bad person after all:

And now to the end of this entry. A friend of mine has finally released his album online. I hope you guys give it a listen and download. If you like steady but eclectic electronic music, you will like this:

Thanks for coming through. I’m planning more entries and I will be trying to post more often. CHEERS!