Tosser of a Tuesday

Ah Tuesday. This particular one, was a doozy and so now I’m just going to post stuff that made my day bearable.

Today, I was basically looking at a lot of food stuff that I want to do here at home.  I like making lots of food for the house, and big batches that we can all just heat up without much fuss, especially as my schedule is still a little crazy, until I leave my present job.  Staples in our home are things like ground beef that I make into burger patties, and meatloaf.  Well MY idea of a meatloaf, which I put vegetables in it that it is half and half, and one layer at a time.  So today, what made me happy was to look through various recipes that I can do for the house, and maybe put my own twist on it.

I love that you can make a bunch of stuff in the rice cooker.  There’s this one where you can cook a frittata in there, which is a revelation to me.  There’s also risotto, which is my absolute FAVE.

I am trying to get into sweet potatoes after I tasted some sweet potato fries at this burger place named Cue.  Anyway, ever since then, there has been a whole world of possibilities, so I looked it up and found these things to try out: the sweet potato spread, and the sweet potato dip.  And who knew you could do this many things with zucchini!  YUMMY and healthy! 🙂

And to put the two things I love together, literature and food, like this book has done, just made me super duper happy.

So now, off to bed with dreams of grilled cheese 🙂 Bon appetit! 🙂







I adore Adora :)

OK this is a first for me. I’ve never really loved products this much that I’d want to talk about it on my blog, or indeed anywhere.  I’m also so very proud that this is a Filipino company that I’m supporting, and Filipino products (even if they sound Spanish) that are simple and useful and CUTE.

My boss first showed this contraption to me during a meeting.

Cute right?

Cute right?

So I thought at first, “Oh what a CUTE wrist cuff!” Then my boss unrolled it and showed me what it actually was.

Then inside it's this little holder thinggy for all my wires!

Then inside it’s this little holder thinggy for all my wires! Never get those babies tangled up again! Or lose them again as the case may be….

So I asked where she got it from. She told me to look up Adora Bella on Facebook; and so I did.

I met one of the ladies that is part of this, Ms. Anna Gimenez, and expressing my delight with the wristband / wire holder, was told that: WAIT. There’s more.

To my surprise, these ladies have taken OCness and cuteness to a new level; function and fun in one 🙂 Then I received this:


Lovely branding

Lovely branding


Which opened into this awesome gift box:

The pretty box had my name on it! :)

The pretty box had my name on it! 🙂

And when I opened it up:



VOILA! 🙂 And it came with a letter 🙂

They told the story of who they are.

That told the story of who they are.

Adora Bella is basically 4 friends who decided that they wanted to do something together and since then have been making stuff that they know they can use every day.  It started out a a project they named “Project Freedom”, something as a fall back for when they ever decided to quit their corporate jobs.  Soon they came up with Adora Bella, which means “adored beauty” in Spanish, and were guided by the principle that they wouldn’t make anything that they themselves wouldn’t use.  So, all the products of Adora Bella are known to be useful, as these busy ladies have tried and tested it themselves.

Never get tangled earbuds AGAIN.

Never get tangled earbuds AGAIN.

I particularly like this one: not only will you not get your earbuds into a tangled mess again, but because I misplace little things like these, that hook makes sure I don’t lose them either.



Cute pouch for when you’re traveling, or just need a place to put loose change and your keys. Speaking of…..



The Hermosa Mini Bolsa

Yes, the Hermosa Mini Bolsa or as the ladies call it, The Lunch Clutch. It is that little clutch where only essentials fit: wallet, keys, lipstick, mobile, for the lunch out or the running out for a quick errand.  You don’t need to bring your big bulky bag anymore, just need to bring this 🙂

For those who travel, and always seem to have a bunch of stuff in your pockets, here’s a solution:

It's a little leatherette bin you can take anywhere! :)

It’s a little leatherette bin you can take anywhere! 🙂


Going back to the idea of being OC, just to keep all those little loose things that you acquire whilst traveling: keys, coins, etc, or even when you’re not, this is a handy little bin that you can keep everything.

In this came a few more little kutingtings (translation: Bits and Bobs) 🙂

I have yet to use these, but they make so much sense.

I have yet to use these, but they make so much sense.

Again, more effort in helping us all organise our lives, these little “tacos” and “nacho pouch”, will keep more wires at bay, and even loose change.  None of it being too bulky and unseemly. These are all sleek and efficient.

Ah my favorite piece of it all: The Floriza mobile holder.


So cute and pretty right?

You can basically and finally charge your phone, without it having to touch the floor with this pouch. It is such a simple idea, executed so cutely.


Even my Sony Xperia Z can fit into it. I don’t know about the Samsung models though, but I am very happy that my Sony fits in there.

Anyway, I hope you guys abroad and those here locally, check out this brand.  Simple great ideas and hacks for those of us who need a little help organising themselves.  These are actually perfect for Christmas gifts, now that I think about it. Check out their Facebook link I posted above and start shopping! 🙂 Support local! 🙂

Politics and work

Now that the storm has passed, even if it is cloudy, I’m less nervous about the destructive winds and floods.  Things have subsided. Ah the perils of living in the tropics!!

We do have this, but we also have to deal with Mother Nature’s wrath.


Politics has been part of my life. Coming from a political family, you can’t really escape it, though believe me, I have tried.

That being said, I read this about this fantastic President in Uruguay, Jose Mujica.  He is very controversial because of the way he lives and presents himself, which is very humbly. But his anarchistic past was a damn surprise.

And of course, this vote really did throw me for a loop. I’m not part of Great Britain but well I thought they would vote the other way. Well pleased that they didn’t though.

Work has always been a source of pride for me, that I can push myself, my intellect and limits to garner results.  It is something I can call my own, something I’ve earned, and something that gives me purpose.  I love working and being busy.  I absolutely LOVE it when it is part of a bigger picture.  That’s why there have been times I quit my job with no other reason than that I saw no point in it anymore.

I love that there is always hope. especially in business. I’m not getting any younger, and this was just so inspiring. 

Life Magazine has always had awesome spreads.  This just shows workaholic me how far we ladies have come.

And as I’ve come to this level in my career, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting new entrants into the professional world, trying to find their way, and sadly failing miserably.  This was a good read in the effort to help people understand that it’s not always just about which school you come from.

I am lucky enough to be working with some of the best in social media. I get to ask them for advice without having to go to lectures: i just plop down on a seat in the canteen and ask them stuff. One of these guys is Jason Cruz, he himself a social media guru, gives talks and unlike me, writes blogs that make sense hahaha 🙂 Click here for his top tips for those who want to go into social media.

Also, now I’m about to embark on the ballsy-est move ever in my career: that which is to try and start out on my own and make passions into financially viable projects. This especially is a good reminder.

Saw a new band this week, pretty cool stuff from dudes out of Hong Kong.  I would love to see some of our bands go THERE.  Fingers crossed. For now, enjoy Scandanavia 😉


Flustering Friday

Here in Manila, we are in the midst of a rainy, rainy typhoon called Mario.  There are many people stranded and have been told to stay where they are seeing as roads are impassable and it’s just a generally dreary day.  We are all hoping this is not like Ondoy that happened a few years back which saw our countrymen near the waters lose their homes, lose property, lose loved ones.

I’ve always wanted to vote for someone whose platform was or majority of it was about infrastructure and education for the country.  Needless to say, I’m still waiting. This is all I’m going to say about that.

I’ll post when things are a little better. There are some products I wanted to actually feature for the first time because they appeal to my OC sensibilities.

For now, we are monitoring the weather and making sure everything is charged, and that we have food, JUST IN CASE.  We are hoping that there is no black out and those that need the help, get it soon.  For those who want to see what’s going on here in the Philippines, check out ANC on Facebook or on Yahoo!

Fingers crossed we all get through this without too much damage.

Monday Madness

Ah the start of the week. It has such a brooding feeling today, especially as we are in the middle of the rainy season here in the tropics. Don’t get me wrong: I lived in ENGLAND for 3 years, I love the gloom and doom.  What I’m scared of is the typhoon crazy 200kph winds that bring down billboards and literally “raises” people’s roofs. 

But the brooding today is more of the mood. It’s the start of the BER months and here in the Philippines, the Christmas songs start going at it. I don’t like Christmas here. I mean,  I like Christmas because we see family, eat fantastically and see old friends. But most time, the things you need to DO to SEE and do all these things are unbelievably crappy.  Especially URG, the traffic. Let me repeat that: THE BLOODY EFFIN TRAFFIC. You can take from 1-3 hours to travel 3 km. Yeah. Shitty.

Anyway, in my travels through clicking through the world wide web, I have recently found these things to share with you:

As I said, I’ve been a weird broody mood today, and reading this picked me up.  It’s always nice to try and step back to see the wood for the trees.  Here’s another one: things you don’t owe anyone.

Because I’ve recently been feeling REALLY tired, ALL THE TIME, Buzzfeed came to the rescue, naturally.

Awesome tips from one of my favoroitest sites. For those who love thrift shopping and DIY-ing, there are some fun tips and tricks in this. When I say “some”, I mean “A LOT”.

I could not be more jealous of these famous peoples’ libraries.

I cannot believe that there was an honest to goodness research about this, but that I DID NOT GET THE MEMO.

And here’s one of my favorite childhood authors, Roald Dahl, and an unpublished chapter of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Take a listen to the Philippines’ most loved band, The Eraserheads. This is my favorite album of theirs 🙂

Thanks for coming by! 🙂