Monday Madness

Ah the start of the week. It has such a brooding feeling today, especially as we are in the middle of the rainy season here in the tropics. Don’t get me wrong: I lived in ENGLAND for 3 years, I love the gloom and doom.  What I’m scared of is the typhoon crazy 200kph winds that bring down billboards and literally “raises” people’s roofs. 

But the brooding today is more of the mood. It’s the start of the BER months and here in the Philippines, the Christmas songs start going at it. I don’t like Christmas here. I mean,  I like Christmas because we see family, eat fantastically and see old friends. But most time, the things you need to DO to SEE and do all these things are unbelievably crappy.  Especially URG, the traffic. Let me repeat that: THE BLOODY EFFIN TRAFFIC. You can take from 1-3 hours to travel 3 km. Yeah. Shitty.

Anyway, in my travels through clicking through the world wide web, I have recently found these things to share with you:

As I said, I’ve been a weird broody mood today, and reading this picked me up.  It’s always nice to try and step back to see the wood for the trees.  Here’s another one: things you don’t owe anyone.

Because I’ve recently been feeling REALLY tired, ALL THE TIME, Buzzfeed came to the rescue, naturally.

Awesome tips from one of my favoroitest sites. For those who love thrift shopping and DIY-ing, there are some fun tips and tricks in this. When I say “some”, I mean “A LOT”.

I could not be more jealous of these famous peoples’ libraries.

I cannot believe that there was an honest to goodness research about this, but that I DID NOT GET THE MEMO.

And here’s one of my favorite childhood authors, Roald Dahl, and an unpublished chapter of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Take a listen to the Philippines’ most loved band, The Eraserheads. This is my favorite album of theirs 🙂

Thanks for coming by! 🙂



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