Flustering Friday

Here in Manila, we are in the midst of a rainy, rainy typhoon called Mario.  There are many people stranded and have been told to stay where they are seeing as roads are impassable and it’s just a generally dreary day.  We are all hoping this is not like Ondoy that happened a few years back which saw our countrymen near the waters lose their homes, lose property, lose loved ones.

I’ve always wanted to vote for someone whose platform was or majority of it was about infrastructure and education for the country.  Needless to say, I’m still waiting. This is all I’m going to say about that.

I’ll post when things are a little better. There are some products I wanted to actually feature for the first time because they appeal to my OC sensibilities.

For now, we are monitoring the weather and making sure everything is charged, and that we have food, JUST IN CASE.  We are hoping that there is no black out and those that need the help, get it soon.  For those who want to see what’s going on here in the Philippines, check out ANC on Facebook or on Yahoo!

Fingers crossed we all get through this without too much damage.


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