Politics and work

Now that the storm has passed, even if it is cloudy, I’m less nervous about the destructive winds and floods.  Things have subsided. Ah the perils of living in the tropics!!

We do have this, but we also have to deal with Mother Nature’s wrath.


Politics has been part of my life. Coming from a political family, you can’t really escape it, though believe me, I have tried.

That being said, I read this about this fantastic President in Uruguay, Jose Mujica.  He is very controversial because of the way he lives and presents himself, which is very humbly. But his anarchistic past was a damn surprise.

And of course, this vote really did throw me for a loop. I’m not part of Great Britain but well I thought they would vote the other way. Well pleased that they didn’t though.

Work has always been a source of pride for me, that I can push myself, my intellect and limits to garner results.  It is something I can call my own, something I’ve earned, and something that gives me purpose.  I love working and being busy.  I absolutely LOVE it when it is part of a bigger picture.  That’s why there have been times I quit my job with no other reason than that I saw no point in it anymore.

I love that there is always hope. especially in business. I’m not getting any younger, and this was just so inspiring. 

Life Magazine has always had awesome spreads.  This just shows workaholic me how far we ladies have come.

And as I’ve come to this level in my career, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting new entrants into the professional world, trying to find their way, and sadly failing miserably.  This was a good read in the effort to help people understand that it’s not always just about which school you come from.

I am lucky enough to be working with some of the best in social media. I get to ask them for advice without having to go to lectures: i just plop down on a seat in the canteen and ask them stuff. One of these guys is Jason Cruz, he himself a social media guru, gives talks and unlike me, writes blogs that make sense hahaha 🙂 Click here for his top tips for those who want to go into social media.

Also, now I’m about to embark on the ballsy-est move ever in my career: that which is to try and start out on my own and make passions into financially viable projects. This especially is a good reminder.

Saw a new band this week, pretty cool stuff from dudes out of Hong Kong.  I would love to see some of our bands go THERE.  Fingers crossed. For now, enjoy Scandanavia 😉



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