I adore Adora :)

OK this is a first for me. I’ve never really loved products this much that I’d want to talk about it on my blog, or indeed anywhere.Β  I’m also so very proud that this is a Filipino company that I’m supporting, and Filipino products (even if they sound Spanish) that are simple and useful and CUTE.

My boss first showed this contraption to me during a meeting.

Cute right?

Cute right?

So I thought at first, “Oh what a CUTE wrist cuff!” Then my boss unrolled it and showed me what it actually was.

Then inside it's this little holder thinggy for all my wires!

Then inside it’s this little holder thinggy for all my wires! Never get those babies tangled up again! Or lose them again as the case may be….

So I asked where she got it from. She told me to look up Adora Bella on Facebook; and so I did.

I met one of the ladies that is part of this, Ms. Anna Gimenez, and expressing my delight with the wristband / wire holder, was told that: WAIT. There’s more.

To my surprise, these ladies have taken OCness and cuteness to a new level; function and fun in one πŸ™‚ Then I received this:


Lovely branding

Lovely branding


Which opened into this awesome gift box:

The pretty box had my name on it! :)

The pretty box had my name on it! πŸ™‚

And when I opened it up:



VOILA! πŸ™‚ And it came with a letter πŸ™‚

They told the story of who they are.

That told the story of who they are.

Adora Bella is basically 4 friends who decided that they wanted to do something together and since then have been making stuff that they know they can use every day.Β  It started out a a project they named “Project Freedom”, something as a fall back for when they ever decided to quit their corporate jobs.Β  Soon they came up with Adora Bella, which means “adored beauty” in Spanish, and were guided by the principle that they wouldn’t make anything that they themselves wouldn’t use.Β  So, all the products of Adora Bella are known to be useful, as these busy ladies have tried and tested it themselves.

Never get tangled earbuds AGAIN.

Never get tangled earbuds AGAIN.

I particularly like this one: not only will you not get your earbuds into a tangled mess again, but because I misplace little things like these, that hook makes sure I don’t lose them either.



Cute pouch for when you’re traveling, or just need a place to put loose change and your keys. Speaking of…..



The Hermosa Mini Bolsa

Yes, the Hermosa Mini Bolsa or as the ladies call it, The Lunch Clutch. It is that little clutch where only essentials fit: wallet, keys, lipstick, mobile, for the lunch out or the running out for a quick errand.Β  You don’t need to bring your big bulky bag anymore, just need to bring this πŸ™‚

For those who travel, and always seem to have a bunch of stuff in your pockets, here’s a solution:

It's a little leatherette bin you can take anywhere! :)

It’s a little leatherette bin you can take anywhere! πŸ™‚


Going back to the idea of being OC, just to keep all those little loose things that you acquire whilst traveling: keys, coins, etc, or even when you’re not, this is a handy little bin that you can keep everything.

In this came a few more little kutingtings (translation: Bits and Bobs) πŸ™‚

I have yet to use these, but they make so much sense.

I have yet to use these, but they make so much sense.

Again, more effort in helping us all organise our lives, these little “tacos” and “nacho pouch”, will keep more wires at bay, and even loose change.Β  None of it being too bulky and unseemly. These are all sleek and efficient.

Ah my favorite piece of it all: The Floriza mobile holder.


So cute and pretty right?

You can basically and finally charge your phone, without it having to touch the floor with this pouch. It is such a simple idea, executed so cutely.


Even my Sony Xperia Z can fit into it. I don’t know about the Samsung models though, but I am very happy that my Sony fits in there.

Anyway, I hope you guys abroad and those here locally, check out this brand.Β  Simple great ideas and hacks for those of us who need a little help organising themselves.Β  These are actually perfect for Christmas gifts, now that I think about it. Check out their Facebook link I posted above and start shopping! πŸ™‚ Support local! πŸ™‚


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