Sickly Sunday

I haven’t been able to upload anything new this last week because we have been busy with hardships in terms of house help.  It has been a week of awesome time with the baby, but at the same time, no sleep.  Yesterday and today has just been the kicker: we all have coughs and colds, and the poor baby has a little bit of a fever. 😦

We’re still trying to keep him comfy, and I’m just trying to keep away from him a little bit so we don’t make each other worse. I just feel bad every time I hear him cry out for me so I tend to pick him up.  Sigh.

Anyway, this week, I found out that Brian Wilson covered George Harrison, and did so awesomely.

NOT FOR THE YOUNG ‘UNS, but this was an interesting post. What humans look like having intimate relations as seen through an MRI machine and giving birth. It’s pretty amazing actually.

Being a big fan of Weezer, I did NOT know River Cuomo wrote all these songs.

I personally don’t think I will get married for various reasons, but there are a lot of people around me that have gotten married or are about to get married.  I have nothing against it, I just don’t believe it is for me.  For those who are planning to though, there is this good read. Makes sense really, and even to those thinking of moving in. No need to get married for these to apply.

It’s been recently in my head, to change direction in my career, or at the very least find a way I can call more control over my time.  Don’t we ALL want to do this? 🙂  But since I’ve tried working from home before, this time around, I want to be sure about my plan and at least have more knowledge about what sort of back up plan I have to ensure I can keep an even keel even in those “lean months”.  I’ve been reading a lot of these articles, and so far it has made me feel like this decision of mine has been the right one.  Especially these ones, about free lancing. Exciting times, and times that makes me a little frustrated that we’re all sick in the house 😦

They say that learning new languages will help with mental illnesses and help improve memory.  If this is so, and it’s your ambition, like to learn yet another language, check this out.

Now if you find yourself home without stuff to do, this link has stuff to do using your ice trays

Hope you’re Sunday is turning out a bit better than mine. *sniffle sniffle* And if you guys have any advice about helping a baby get over this cold so he can sleep properly, I AM ALL EARS.

Thanks everyone for reading! 🙂



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