Wednesday Wishes

So ok, I’ve just ended my week long sabbatical.  I’ve resigned from my job last week, and my last day was exactly one week ago.  It has been both a relief and frightening, but mostly it’s been exciting. The possibilities seem endless and I cannot wait til I maximise the potentials that are and have been thrown my way 🙂

Before I get into all that though, there has been a major breakthrough 🙂 WE FOUND OUR NEW HOME! 🙂 It fits all the little bullet points on our list, is quiet, and is in a little village right here in the neighborhood so it’s such a plus that it is so near!

*doing the happy dance*

So now comes the arduous task of packing.  Of course first thing I did was check the internet! 🙂

So there’s this, cute little infographic and this.  The keeping clothes on hangers is new to me but makes absolute sense.

Then, because I need to have the perfect bed and we cannot take the bed frame with us, I’m thinking of doing one of my own (I will post about it of course!) using wooden pallet boards. With anything that is being recycled or upcycled or just been used for many a different things, it is always good to err on the side of caution.  So read this first.  There’s a whole bunch of other pointers in that article to tell which ones are good, which ones have been used for what, which wood has been treated with chemicals, etc. Really interesting reading. This article too.

After which check all these ideas out!  And these ones too! 🙂

Some recipes I thought I’d try. I love peanuts and I’ve been dying to try to make my own recipe of peanuts for picking. These sounds FAB.  And because I LOVE CHEESE, I really do want to try this out as well.

Getting me excited to move 🙂 If you guys have any other tips, do let me know! Be back again soon. Take it easy and HAPPY HUMP DAY! 🙂  Here’s your earworm for today 😉


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