Thundering on

It is the beginning of my day, and with (very VERY strong) coffee in proverbial hand, I am facing the fronts and looking forward to the day!

Because my son dig them both I’ve been looking up some recipes for zucchini and eggplants and came across this.  Have you guys tried anything like it? What are your tips and recommendations? 

And a friend posted this up on her FB wall, because well, BACON.

Can’t you feel your arteries clog up?

There’s always been that rumbling argument between PRINT and DIGITAL. I love my books: I love their smell, the sound of pages turning, I dig all that. But my reality resides in the digital world, I mean hey. Where am I right now? So the discussion goes on, be it magazines or newspapers, the end of this debate is still not seen.  This is an interesting read if you’re interested in the debate.

Medieval underwear: not as chain maily as I thought it would be.

MY NEW MISSION: to use every bit and piece of a whole chicken that can last me weeks.

Leaving you guys with something mellow, something good, something funky, some music food 😉 Have a good day!


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