Sundays are the best

So this morning I decided to have a rosemary burger for breakfast. With a fried egg on top of that. Yummy yum yum 😉

breakfastIt was as glorious as it looks 🙂

I found this song again after ages (this may be a clue as to how old I really am…), and I think she is still as beautiful as she was when I first saw this video.

Personally, I love Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials. I love his world full of daemon friends, those who are your guardians and besties all wrapped up into one, sometimes furry, huggable animal. This is a great read for those who like books as much as I do, and a Philip Pullman fan.  I never really got into William Blake, but maybe because of this article, I will. I never knew that William Blake inspired Ginsberg’s “Howl”.  I should read that too… oh but where to find the time?!

Stuff I would put in my dream home, especially those slides. Those slides are magnificent.

Stuff we should all know about our sheets. I don’t know about you, but I take extra care when picking out my bedsheets. I feel like it’s just the most intimate thing that you have in your home, apart from your undies. And I am always out to get the best sleep I can.

Highly inappropriate clip that made me nervously chuckle. Several times. Ok fine, corpses, made into puppets by muppets.

More hacks for your home.

I so very much want this book! Aren’t those illustrations lovely?

Ok I’ve been told I need to get off my butt and head over to our sunday sale today. Been fun hanging out with you. Hope you had a good weekend! 🙂


Few things I found today

Just wanted to share a couple of links. I’m in the midst of building my consultancy empire MWAHAHAHAHAHA! So I’m trying to get all the tips I can get and learn what I should look out for.

Here ya go:

A word from Apple’s social media guru on branding.

Resources to help you as an entrepreneur.

What your clothes say about you.  Apparently, we can tell how long a celeb’s marriage will last based on what they wear. Go figure.

ZERO WASTE for two years, and how this girl transitioned and did it.

Virginia Woolf stuff.

A Joni Mitchell interview 🙂

Obscure literary monsters. There are apparently 31 of them.

Think about it: what if websites were off the computer?

Bullet Dumas, the new age Filipino balladeer. So nice that I know him personally. He’s too awesome.

This is called “PSSSST!” How we sometimes call to each other here in the Philippines 😉 ENJOY! 🙂

Steady Sunday

So we just came from visiting the new house to put some of our stuff there already. I cannot express how excited I am to move into this home 🙂 It is a townhouse so it’s really like a house already and it’s in a small village. It’s nothing big but it does have space, and it’s always just so exciting to figure out what goes where.

So as I’ve mentioned in an older entry, I’m looking to see what are the new ways we can put some of our stuff.  I’m looking into how to organise in smaller spaces with the help of this link, and of course because I have a wooden pallet obsession, I’ve been measuring and remeasuring everything I’m moving from our apartment to the townhouse.

The wooden pallet obsession has been spurred on by this link, and I want to do that hanging wall they have, but not only for plants, which I’m still trying to figure out WHERE to put it, but also as a headboard. We like having stuff around the bed (I personally have something like 20 books and knick knacks here and there….), and I now have the idea that we can make a wooden pallet headboard! So imagine that picture with plants hanging off them, we can put drinks, and books and stuff. hehehe!

See try imagining this, without plants, maybe shorter and with books and a couple of cups. It’ll do right?

Pallet6Anyway, that’s the idea in my head. I will OF COURSE post everything here 😉

Saw some more links online today that were amazing.

1) How some cities would look without lights. How amazing would San Francisco be with just stars?!

2) Pictures of Frida Kahlo as a child. All the pictures were taken by her father.

3) Because I love Dave Grohl.

4) Because breakfast by far is my favorite meal.  I’m trying to see what else I can do with lemon curd.

And here’s a little song from the 90s that always made me feel a little jauntier than usual. Maybe it will give you a good little boost for this Sunday. Happy weekend! 🙂

Hazy Saturday

I got caught up with life again these past few weeks. Been trying to get my consultancy up and running….. it is up for sure, and I’ve sent out proposals and all. But it is still, shall we say, crawling.  Nonetheless, I would rather start things slowly anyway and build a solid foundation of work, that go smack right into it and then run around like a headless chicken.

But hey blog, how are you? I did miss you and wish that I would’ve written a few ditties down.  Though I was on the computer, I just couldn’t get to it, and for that I am sorry. I didn’t forget or anything, just got caught up.  See all those that seem to be forgotten, never really are.  There’s even a new website,, that has all the “forgotten” songs that spotify doesn’t play. FOUR MILLION OF THEM. Let that be the soundtrack whilst reading this entry 🙂

I’m on the fence about these plastic utensils.  I mean, I agree that we should somehow, all of us, find ways to try and lessen our consumption, therefore lessening the things we throw out. Straws for example, are now the metal ones in my home, and even if I DO have plastic spoons and forks from the take out we have ordered in the past, I don’t wash them after I use them. I throw them away.  But in the same way, now when we DO order in, we make it a point to tell the service that we will not be needing plastic utensils.  They usually comply. But anyway, plastic utensils? I suppose yes that will work but what about wooden ones that can be biodegradable? A friend has this kubyertos collection that use wood instead. I know, the trees and what not, but see? I’m still on the fence. I would like to try both out though.

Been reading again lately as well, both for research and pleasure, something I haven’t done in a while. This is a great list of some books that have stayed with me as an (gasp!) adult, though I would change “Pride and Prejudice” for “Persuasion.” That is my favorite book of hers, and the first one I read.  Fahrenheit 451 I haven’t read, and will repair that fault very soon.

Because I have been reading a lot of things online about consultancy, trying to run one, getting clients, and articles of the like, I tend to read a lot of Entrepreneur Magazine.  “21 ways to achieve wealth and success,” and “7 ways to relieve boredom by hustling for extra cash” are the last two articles I read. You may find some useful nuggets of wisdom there too 🙂

A fascinating photo series of Paris, before and after Haussmann made the Paris we know of today.

Because I am a Star Trek fan and love The Next Generation.

The eyes have it, especially with this owl it seems.

And if you have ever wanted your own hipster name generator.

Until next time friends. May your Saturday be relaxing and enjoyable 🙂

Monday blues?

Yeah, it’s Monday and I’m having a weird day. I suppose this is what freelancing is, bouncing from one project to another and trying to keep everything aligned.

Let’s us start this post out with a little Led Zeppelin. I’ve been tagged on facebook by several friends to do this challenge. By all means, try it out yourself. I’m on Day 5 of 7. The Led Zeppelin Official Challenge – The idea is to post a Zep tune everyday for 1 week, and include some trivia or an explanation why you like the song in particular. I was nominated by ten million people, and today I nominated my nephew.  My explanation is: It’s Monday. I can think of no better song to get your blood flowing on a Monday morning, especially if you hear the Knebworth recording, which, according to a British friend of mine who WAS THERE said, was AMAZING.

Bully for him.

Here’s the track

So lately, because I am freelancing after all, and at the same time trying the impossible mission of getting out of our old home and into the new one, I have to be more creative with what I make. Recently, my sights has been set on chicken. I’ve done the old roast but I’ve never done the broth. I’m trying to look for all the possible ways of making chicken, and not wasting any part of it.

So to spice up the recipe a bit, I picked out something I will try in the next few weeks called Iberian Chicken.  I’m still trying to find a good recipe.  Here’s a video if you want to see what it is about.

And I have decided that I want to tackle the scary world of stocks. My son loves to eat (YAY!) and we all love soup in the house anyway, so I know that stock is going to be a necessary skill that I need to acquire.  So I saw THIS RECIPE for basic stock, which seems simple enough, and THESE ideas that I can use that stock FOR.  I’m pretty sure I can find my own recipes on what I can use the stock for, but it’s always nice to have an idea to jump off from.

Everything on a budget. It’s a fun challenge even when you eat out. It really does make you realise all that you and what you spend it on.

Let me know if you have any budget hacks I should check out! Have a good week and Monday ahead! 🙂