Hazy Saturday

I got caught up with life again these past few weeks. Been trying to get my consultancy up and running….. it is up for sure, and I’ve sent out proposals and all. But it is still, shall we say, crawling.  Nonetheless, I would rather start things slowly anyway and build a solid foundation of work, that go smack right into it and then run around like a headless chicken.

But hey blog, how are you? I did miss you and wish that I would’ve written a few ditties down.  Though I was on the computer, I just couldn’t get to it, and for that I am sorry. I didn’t forget or anything, just got caught up.  See all those that seem to be forgotten, never really are.  There’s even a new website, forgotify.com, that has all the “forgotten” songs that spotify doesn’t play. FOUR MILLION OF THEM. Let that be the soundtrack whilst reading this entry 🙂

I’m on the fence about these plastic utensils.  I mean, I agree that we should somehow, all of us, find ways to try and lessen our consumption, therefore lessening the things we throw out. Straws for example, are now the metal ones in my home, and even if I DO have plastic spoons and forks from the take out we have ordered in the past, I don’t wash them after I use them. I throw them away.  But in the same way, now when we DO order in, we make it a point to tell the service that we will not be needing plastic utensils.  They usually comply. But anyway, plastic utensils? I suppose yes that will work but what about wooden ones that can be biodegradable? A friend has this kubyertos collection that use wood instead. I know, the trees and what not, but see? I’m still on the fence. I would like to try both out though.

Been reading again lately as well, both for research and pleasure, something I haven’t done in a while. This is a great list of some books that have stayed with me as an (gasp!) adult, though I would change “Pride and Prejudice” for “Persuasion.” That is my favorite book of hers, and the first one I read.  Fahrenheit 451 I haven’t read, and will repair that fault very soon.

Because I have been reading a lot of things online about consultancy, trying to run one, getting clients, and articles of the like, I tend to read a lot of Entrepreneur Magazine.  “21 ways to achieve wealth and success,” and “7 ways to relieve boredom by hustling for extra cash” are the last two articles I read. You may find some useful nuggets of wisdom there too 🙂

A fascinating photo series of Paris, before and after Haussmann made the Paris we know of today.

Because I am a Star Trek fan and love The Next Generation.

The eyes have it, especially with this owl it seems.

And if you have ever wanted your own hipster name generator.

Until next time friends. May your Saturday be relaxing and enjoyable 🙂


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