Steady Sunday

So we just came from visiting the new house to put some of our stuff there already. I cannot express how excited I am to move into this home 🙂 It is a townhouse so it’s really like a house already and it’s in a small village. It’s nothing big but it does have space, and it’s always just so exciting to figure out what goes where.

So as I’ve mentioned in an older entry, I’m looking to see what are the new ways we can put some of our stuff.  I’m looking into how to organise in smaller spaces with the help of this link, and of course because I have a wooden pallet obsession, I’ve been measuring and remeasuring everything I’m moving from our apartment to the townhouse.

The wooden pallet obsession has been spurred on by this link, and I want to do that hanging wall they have, but not only for plants, which I’m still trying to figure out WHERE to put it, but also as a headboard. We like having stuff around the bed (I personally have something like 20 books and knick knacks here and there….), and I now have the idea that we can make a wooden pallet headboard! So imagine that picture with plants hanging off them, we can put drinks, and books and stuff. hehehe!

See try imagining this, without plants, maybe shorter and with books and a couple of cups. It’ll do right?

Pallet6Anyway, that’s the idea in my head. I will OF COURSE post everything here 😉

Saw some more links online today that were amazing.

1) How some cities would look without lights. How amazing would San Francisco be with just stars?!

2) Pictures of Frida Kahlo as a child. All the pictures were taken by her father.

3) Because I love Dave Grohl.

4) Because breakfast by far is my favorite meal.  I’m trying to see what else I can do with lemon curd.

And here’s a little song from the 90s that always made me feel a little jauntier than usual. Maybe it will give you a good little boost for this Sunday. Happy weekend! 🙂


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