Few things I found today

Just wanted to share a couple of links. I’m in the midst of building my consultancy empire MWAHAHAHAHAHA! So I’m trying to get all the tips I can get and learn what I should look out for.

Here ya go:

A word from Apple’s social media guru on branding.

Resources to help you as an entrepreneur.

What your clothes say about you.  Apparently, we can tell how long a celeb’s marriage will last based on what they wear. Go figure.

ZERO WASTE for two years, and how this girl transitioned and did it.

Virginia Woolf stuff.

A Joni Mitchell interview 🙂

Obscure literary monsters. There are apparently 31 of them.

Think about it: what if websites were off the computer?

Bullet Dumas, the new age Filipino balladeer. So nice that I know him personally. He’s too awesome.

This is called “PSSSST!” How we sometimes call to each other here in the Philippines 😉 ENJOY! 🙂


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