Sundays are the best

So this morning I decided to have a rosemary burger for breakfast. With a fried egg on top of that. Yummy yum yum 😉

breakfastIt was as glorious as it looks 🙂

I found this song again after ages (this may be a clue as to how old I really am…), and I think she is still as beautiful as she was when I first saw this video.

Personally, I love Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials. I love his world full of daemon friends, those who are your guardians and besties all wrapped up into one, sometimes furry, huggable animal. This is a great read for those who like books as much as I do, and a Philip Pullman fan.  I never really got into William Blake, but maybe because of this article, I will. I never knew that William Blake inspired Ginsberg’s “Howl”.  I should read that too… oh but where to find the time?!

Stuff I would put in my dream home, especially those slides. Those slides are magnificent.

Stuff we should all know about our sheets. I don’t know about you, but I take extra care when picking out my bedsheets. I feel like it’s just the most intimate thing that you have in your home, apart from your undies. And I am always out to get the best sleep I can.

Highly inappropriate clip that made me nervously chuckle. Several times. Ok fine, corpses, made into puppets by muppets.

More hacks for your home.

I so very much want this book! Aren’t those illustrations lovely?

Ok I’ve been told I need to get off my butt and head over to our sunday sale today. Been fun hanging out with you. Hope you had a good weekend! 🙂


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