Pallet bed! :)

So yay! I’ve finally done it and made the wooden pallets into my bed frame! 🙂

A friend of mine, Fredo, who I had run into recently and whom I hadn’t seen in ages, told me that he started doing some furniture using the pallets from his warehouse. I asked if he could make my bed frame and gave him this example to copy:


I took the measurements of the bed, TWICE to be sure, and sent these to him. He said that he would get it done in a week and a half. This time included him asking his guys to sand the wood and paint it white.  Then a few texts and calls later, he told me to pick them up! And so with baby in tow, I did 🙂 This is what they looked like:

photo 2

That’s Fredo…..

photo 3

….showing me the “lock”


Yeah that’s me in the white…..


Lovely dude who worked on our pallets 🙂

This is how it looked in the car taking it home…. It was quite the ride as I was sandwiched in the back and the paint hadn’t dried yet. Gaaaaah the smell.


Had to line the inside of the car in newspapers coz the paint wasn’t completely dry.

We left it out in our now garage to dry up a bit more and with the hope that the smell would dissipate a bit.

DSC_0356After a day or two, I asked helped from the handyman, and we assembled it!


Bed without the pallets


It came in four pieces based on our measurements.

Four of them all in a row :)

Four of them all in a row 🙂

Check it out, it even has a “lock”. Fredo said this ensures that the pallets don’t separate.


Don't move PALLETS!

Don’t move PALLETS!

So yay now we have a bedframe! 🙂



Thus far, it’s been sturdy. My son loves that it isn’t too high that he can get off and on with ease and basically wake us up when he feels like it, because of the lowness of it. Unlike the example I showed Fredo, we wanted a low bed.

I’m more than happy with the bed and we just need to be mindful to have it cleaned in the corners by the wall because the bottom bit is open. I expect that will be where all the dust and dirt will be trapped.

YAY for pallet boards! I am planning to put a smallish headboard made out of it, because we don’t have the space for bedside tables, so we can put our drinks and books etc. I’m also looking into making pallet plant holders for the walls of the garage so we have plants all over. We will get it done in the new year. Just like this!

Pallet6I hope you have as good a night’s sleep as we have been having with our new bed! 😉



Rainy days and Mondays

Well both never really get me down, but this particular Monday I am rather sad.

Our country is in the midst of the super typhoon Ruby, which is now making its way here to Metro Manila from the south east of the country. If you had been following news form last year, it’s the path of Tacloban, one of our most South Eastern cities.  Anyway, Ruby hit that area again as a category 4 typhoon. The reports and pictures coming in from that area are devastating. To have another typhoon, a year almost to the day and month, maybe a little less destructive, but destructive nonetheless, is heartbreaking.  There are a lot of people who haven’t yet recovered from what happened and really get back on their feet. They are the ones suffering now, AGAIN.

There has been a lot of talk that the donations worldwide which were significant, didn’t reach the victims and whatnot. I’m not going to speculate on that, and leave those to the ones who want to delve into it, but I am really sad that this may not have reached those who needed them the most.

The consolation prize, I suppose, is that this time around the barangays and towns and municipalities are all more aware and have been prepared.  They evacuated everyone in time, as far as I’ve seen online and in the news, and people are more wary about what needs to be done.  It is sadly a reality here in the Philippines that some people do not want to leave their homes that they’ve worked SOOOO hard for, just because there’s a typhoon, even a massive one like Yolanda (Haiyan). They just won’t even if it is for their own good. They would rather die in their homes, which I suppose I can understand to an extent.

I’m sorry this was a bit of a downer today, but I am worried for my fellow countrymen here in the metro.  The typhoon which has slowed down considerably, will be entering this evening, Monday the 8th at around 8-10p.  The winds and rain that it will bring will be much less than that of Yolanda and of what Ruby has thus far brought to the rest of the Philippines, but it seems that because of the city’s really shabby infrastructure, there will be some problems that will need to be addressed.  To think we have this every year…. I still don’t understand why this isn’t forefront in people’s agenda.  It astounds me, really it does.  I mean, urban planning; it’s pretty simple and there are a bunch of other countries we can learn from.

Anyway, I’m going to leave you with this new guy I heard today called Benjamin Booker. So far I’m digging this song. I have yet to listen to the rest of his stuff 🙂  I honestly hope your Monday was much better than mine 🙂  Do keep us in your thoughts and throw some good juju over. We all could really use it.