Wednesdays, the middle of the week. My favorite Addams. Somehow I always love the middle of things. Middle of the road, middle of nowhere, middle of a book.  To me, it means that being in the middle, you’re in the thick of it.  It’s not always the best thing, sometimes we don’t like being in the middle, especially of arguments, or just plain drama.  That’s not even yours!  But like being in the middle of the week like we are now, I tend to think of how it all began and how it may or may not end.

I tend to be more introspective on Wednesdays, maybe because I can see where the week started off, and have some sort of idea of where (or how) it could possibly be ending. Today, I’m just trying to take a moment and look where I am in this little digital consultancy that could.

I’m quite proud of the roster of clients I’ve been having quite the pleasure to work with. Don’t get me wrong, I liked that I started out with big companies, the bastions of the industry. I learned a lot from them, and their processes and how things work 🙂

But working now with the upstarts, and looking at them and what they do, most are about renewable energy, preventive medicine, arts and design, all things that really do get my excitement going. Maybe also because they are younger, the pace is faster, things don’t really need to go through a battalion of approvals, just one or two people and all online. Had I known earlier that I could do business this way, I MAY have gotten into this sooner.

Anyway, those are my crazy thoughts on this hump day. I see I still have a long ways to go, but yeah, I’m quite happy where it’s going. I hope and will work towards this direction.

Well then. I now have a few things I’ve been looking at with this wobbly internet of mine.

Because you know, CHANEL.

Kinda loving all the pictures of the house in this post:

As a lover of books, this bookcase is AMAZE.

Liking this guy:



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