Today is Monday and unfair or not, this is the day I tend to make myself face things I don’t like, such as math. Deadlines. Credit card debt situation. Bills.  Yeah all the icky grownup stuff that we all have to inevitably face, whether or not we’re kicking and screaming in the process. (I’m doing both just in case you’re wondering. Silently as the punkus is asleep.)

Today seems all about numbers.  It’s not that I hate numbers per se, but I am just no good at it. I don’t see the poetic flow of how numbers fit together like a math teacher does, or how it opens up worlds for other people. I may have glimpsed it when I really, REALLY got into trigonometry in high school, for all of 8 months, because seeing those equations making sense made my heart leap, like I spoke a new language. But then it disappeared like a dream, and I was stuck with remedial math.

Here’s a little Metric music for your Monday. I just rediscovered them again. Forgot how awesome Emily is 🙂

So to keep to the topic of counting, here are some things I saw online today:

Truth be told, I’m still trying to learn how to maximise time consuming Pinterest. So addictive and fun, but I want to learn what more I can do with this platform, don’t you? Check this out, and maybe we can learn together 🙂

Top 10 most innovative companies in advertising and marketing. Interesting stuff.

Thick skin? So makapal mukha (thick faced) as we say in Tagalog? Know the difference.

Ah failures. What would we learn if it weren’t for failures. Based on this list, I’m in pretty good stead as I’ve pretty much bombed in each and every one of these. Amazing. Currently I am massively failing at that “healthy” bank account. WOOHOOO!

These are just fantastic albeit a little creepy pictures and a short film of an author I want to get into. So awesome.

Here are a bunch of photos of an abandoned Parisian apartment. I’ve seen this before, but it is still GORGEOUS. And I want all those books!

Last but not least: THREE things to be thankful for, and help you love your business again.

Happy Monday all! Oh and belated happy International Women’s day too!


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