The Year Long Challenge of Recipes

This year, more than ever, I’m trying to eat heathier for my son’s health as well as my own.  As he’s starting to mimic our movements, like when we do exaggerated feedings of ourselves, so as much as possible I’d like to instill in him the quality of trying things even before disregarding them all together, especially because I love to cook (yes and EAT! 🙂 ) I’d like to have him at least try the things I make.

So one of the resolutions I have this year is since I have a ton on recipes, in this computer I’m working on, the hard drive beside it, and the bookshelf holding my cook books and folders. So I’ve decided to start out making a dent in these recipes and make them for the little one. Also, more than organic and whatnot, I do want to be able to buy local, and be more contentious about where our food comes from and how it is made. The amount of sugar and salt especially that goes into our food, two of the things that could most likely cause disease as my side of the family is prone to diabetes.

The first recipe is that of Jamie Oliver’s that I played around with. Kept the main the ingredients and I just played around with the quantities and measurements. It is his Milk Roast Chicken. Now see, I had a couple of problems: one is that I don’t have a stove and the recipe calls for the whole chicken to be browned first.  The second is that my oven toaster is rather small and I only have a roasting pan, so the liquid I put in had to be minimal, which made me scared that the chicken wouldn’t be as juicy as the recipe promised.  Also I used tarragon instead of sage just because I couldn’t find any sage in the grocery.

Now I have a whole bunch left.

Now I have a whole bunch left.

Here’s the recipe 🙂 

This is what I ended up with:

The Final Product!

So far so good. I’m happy with the result and so was the rest of the house! 🙂 We also have enough left over chicken to last a couple of more days, through sandwiches and maybe a salad or two.

Tomorrow, in an effort to get my not so little punkus to eat more veggies I will try to make zucchini and carrot pancakes 🙂 I’ll write about that soon. Meanwhile, I’ll research on the best pancake batter recipe for this challenge 😉

I’ve been listening to this because I’m helping a friend’s daughter get some gigs and thought this song would be awesome for her to cover.  Maybe with a beat boxer 😉


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