Some things in my inbox

Hello all. Before leaving for Holy Week vacation, I’ve decided to try and clean my inbox.  Some interesting things found and….. truth be told, I haven’t gone through ALL my email subscriptions but I’m getting there! 🙂

I have a TEENY tiny kitchen and any way that I can make more space would be awesome. Here are some things I would like to try…. SOMEHOW.

I have several junk drawers hehehehe! I’m hoping this will help 🙂

I don’t know about this. Any thought about 70s decor?

I love eggs in the morning. A perfectly scrambled two egg breakfast with cheese is heaven. Checking these recipes out to add on to my repertoire.

Because I need more inspiration for left over night.

And also because I’m in need of some sort of organization in my recipe folders, both online and off.

And this is a great read for those who are like me, still trying to figure out what they want in their homes 🙂 (Personally, I’d like a different sofa, and a sitting area and a work area for myself….)

Steady sounds for the rest of this Tuesday… and week for that matter 🙂


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