Health is wealth

I’ve been gone for a while and my sincerest apologies for that!  Urg, I have no excuse.  I’m back now, and please know that the time I haven’t spent here writing, I’ve spent on my trying to increase my knowledge on trying to get healthy. Because we live in the times that we do, healthcare has gone a long, LONG way to make us not only better, but to help us better understand ourselves that we may not have to get sick. Or at the very least, I want to learn more about personalized and preventive medicine.

Now yes, this of course comes with a price, but really, I figure that this would be one of the best investments I could buy right?

So ok first: I learned about the Food Intolerance Test, or FIT. I’ve had a gut problem in the last few years, and my tummy has not been my bestie for quite some time now.  That was the main reason why I tried this test out.  I’m currently working with the dudes that distribute this test, Global Medical Technologies, who are the only ones in the Philippines that have this test and make it available to partner clinics all over the metro.

In the process of doing this test, I found out that *SOB!* I am intolerant to cow’s milk and cheese, wheat, egg whites (but weirdly enough, I’m ok with egg YOLKS… I know right?), and white rice.

Now what does it actually MEAN that I’m intolerant? First of all: THIS IS NOT AN ALLERGY.  Intolerance is your IMMUNE SYSTEM’S REACTION TO FOOD, and how it processes the things you eat. In the FIT I took, they test of 220 different kinds of food.  Intolerance talks about the levels of the IgG antibody, or Immunoglobulin G, in your gut.  This “makes up as much as 80 percent of all the antibodies in the blood. IgGis broken into four different subclasses, IgG1 through IgG4. IgG is always available to help ward off infections.” In other words, it is the little brick in your makeup that helps fight off the bad guys that come with feeding yourself.  All it takes is a prick on your finger, a drop of blood, and about 2-3 weeks. GMT says that if a person is suffering from long term migraines, headaches, IBS, bowel problems, depression or anxiety, chronic fatigue even, skin problems, even weight gain, this could possibly be because of the IgG and how they behave in your body.

Now because I’ve done this particular test, I’m more conscious about the way I eat, especially the way I eat cheese because IT IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD AND NOW I CANNOT HAVE IT…. Well, at least for the next few months until my IgG levels are better.  Yes you read that right, I can eventually take some cheese again…. but in total moderation and not beast eat it like I used to.

I could eat it all… ALL I TELL YOU.


But! Health is wealth and for me, especially now with a little punkus, who needs his mama to keep with him and his running around, jumping off stuff, climbing on stuff, and just being a BOY, I need to be in the best shape I can get myself in.  I just see this as me being responsible for myself. I’ve worked so hard in trying to be responsible for the things I do and things that are around me, I thought it was time I should apply that to myself.

In other news, I’ve decided to make The Who my Monday soundtrack because I’m detoxing from the last season of CSI: Las Vegas. Man I LOVED that show. Ah well. Things move on. And I completely forgot how big of a monster Keith Moon is. Damn that guy, whatta drummer! Have a good Monday folks! 🙂