Nesting :)

Lately, apart from getting all involved in prepping, I’ve been nesting. Been looking into ways on how to make my home, well homier, if there is such a word.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I have a Pinterest addiction. There is a Pottery Barn literally walking distance from my house and I decided to poke around. I got awesome inspirations, especially for couches, which I have to say is my new obsession. Though I have had a healthy obsession with my bedroom too…

duvet print inspiration

I don’t LIKE this bedroom per se, but I DO love that pattern on the duvet.

bedroom inspiration3

The rug and bedside table are awesome.

bedroom inspiration2

I’m liking the bedframe in this one; sort of minimalist four poster.

bedroom inspiration4

I love everything about this room, including the greenish hue.

bedoom inspiration

I imagine being here in a colder season, like autumn and winter… If I lived in a place that had cold weather.

bedroom inspiration10

The sheets look awesome.

bedroom inspiration11

I love the color palette to this room.

bedroom inspiration8

I can’t decide also if I really like that bed frame….

bedroom inspiration12

I love sloping ceilings! And again that bed frame.

bedroom inspiration13

Love the lighting and the trunk!

bedroom inspiration15

Heaven! 🙂

bedroom inspiration14 bedroom inspiration5 bedroom inspiration6 bedroom inspiration7

As you can see, most of my room inspirations are really light and airy. I like having subdued tones, except for that one dark one, which I imagine would be my room if I ever live somewhere with a winter again.

But oh, I do love this couch I saw yesterday in Pottery Barn.


It’s simple and understated and I doubt my Dorkat will have anything to paw. And since I have a little space downstairs, this can be a little longer, with a rocking chair in the end. Hopefully paired up with this lovely table that I’ve been dreaming about since forever and West Elm finally got it!


Ah well. I think I’ll do the next best thing and get these made custom 🙂 It will probably come out cheaper and last longer too. I’ll see what I can do. For now, there should be enough space for the punkus to run around with his little scooter. He’ll be mad if he can’t ram it into the wall anymore!

What are your thoughts for your home? Do you have any advice for me on where to get started with these pieces?

Leaving you with some Simon and Garfunkel. Always gets me cosy, this song 🙂


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