Collecting Tips

Everything in my email recently has been all about making my life easier. Some of them are actually worth a read and those ones I’ve included here.

Such as, if you have a small kitchen like I do, this article has good ideas, like those open cabinets. The only problem is that we’re prone to dust so I’m having second thoughts.

I’m more than a little paranoid than most with my security at home, so I don’t really scrimp on things like padlocks (with the main windows in my house, you can open them and use as an emergency exit), but here are a few things I should look out for next time I get new ones (and I need a few I need to change downstairs).

Fellow parents out there, I’m sure that you feel me when I say that my kid’s room is never “clean”. It comes with the territory when one has kids, and especially a toddler, that nothing will ever be “neat” again.  Here are a few tips that can help, especially in their rooms!! Thinking of getting the open shelving to keep my son’s baby stuff.

I’m also one of those annoying people who need plants indoors to make my house cozy. I have a little rosemary plant that I use for cooking and some other ones too, like mint and aloe vera. I have several citronella plants outdoors, but I have been wanting more indoors because the pollution situation here in Manila is really bad 😦 Not as bad as Beijing but still bad. So I looked up some to get like these plants that NASA says is the best. After the spider and mother in law’s tongue plants, I want to get flowers, like mums. Surprisingly, they clean the air apparently.

Do you have any house tips for me? I could use some, especially the tidying UP department (there I said it). I’ll leave you with this first because I love this song 🙂 hehehe 🙂 Have a good one!