Starting over

Oh wow. It’s been awhile since the last entry… A year!! Urg, for shame for shame!

Needless to say, I’m behind and have not been able to update as I promised I should. As with most things, life has had other plans and last year, 2016, was and is a doozy for me. Lots of things happened that I wish did not, but having the luxury of a bit of hindsight now, I’m glad it happened. I know that this may sound odd, but I am. There are now lessons I’ve learned about myself and those around me, such as what loyalty means, and the importance of family, to name a couple. Another would be too never doubt myself and the deep well of resilience I have that I didn’t know was even there until there was nothing else to do but dig.

In this new year, upwards and onwards we go. Thus far, I want to thank those few who have taken a look at my little blog that could, even if I’ve left it and come back a few times. At least I’m persistent, in a way. So where are we now? J

I’m reformatting the blog to see what we can start off with. If there’s any of you out there, and would like to give me some pointers, or ideas, do let me know.

For now, back to brainstorming. Just wanted to give a cyber shout out after a year of being quiet.

Here’s some of The Who just to help me figure it all out 😉


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