Sunday Musings

Ah Sundays. The day of the week that I feel most in control of the upcoming week, that everything is still in my hands, and the chaos is manageable. I like the planning that comes with lazy Sunday afternoons, and nights, that hopeful look forward to the potential the new week can bring.

So recently I’ve decided to join some groups on Facebook in the hope that my interests will become hobbies and hobbies will become habits. One of these is that of Bullet Journaling. Now, a disclaimer: I HAVE NOT, REPEAT, I HAVE NOT STARTED A JOURNAL as of yet. Crazy as it may sound, I didn’t feel like I grasped the whole concept of it, nor was I ready for it, at the beginning of the year. The more I’ve been reading about it on my Facebook feed though, the more intrigued I’ve gotten and thus, now I’m bingeing on YouTube videos on “how tos” for the best ways of starting and keeping it simple without losing my mind. There are a hundred different ways to have one, and the very idea of it being flexible is the reason that drew me in to begin with. The fact that it involves doodling and such is even more up my alley. The only thing is that I was worried that I would have too many planners, as I already have one for my day to day activities.

But the more I look into it, the more it seems that this is more than just a planner, this is something that can help me motivate myself into getting my tasks done, and hopefully be more productive. When you go to the official site of Bullet Journaling,, they say that it’s an analog system for the digital age, another aspect that I like because I know it sticks more in my head when I write something down. That’s why though I work in digital, I need to have my pen and paper around somewhere. Still different to get those ideas down in a book or a pad of paper. Long story short, I love this thing.

Now, the question is when to start? Because it is flexible enough, I’ve decided to start one in May, my birthday month. By then I’m sure I’ll be able to make things more organised and make the Bullet Journal more personalised than just a task reminder. So, what better time to start than my birthday month? The start of a new rotation around the sun 🙂

So back I go to watching videos for now, and preparing for a kiddie party later today. I’ll leave you with sad news today, as Chuck Berry has passed. He was one of my favorite rock n’rollers, and in my mind, should be dubbed the Father of Rock n’Roll. Go Johnny, go indeed. Rest in Peace good sir and thank you for the music </3


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