Here goes…..

So! I’m attempting to bring back the blog to life. Resuscitation officially starts now!

What to write about? Well, since I’ve grasping for a bit of creativity here, need for a jump start if you will, I decided to look into things that help my creativity juices flowing and the muses dancing.

So what gets my gut going? Music. Seriously I get my muse on when I hear music. Today I listen to a whole bunch of stuff, but being as old as I am, I have become that lady that wants only my old rock n’ roll and I’ve starting to say that “I don’t understand these young ones and their shit music.” Yes, sadly, I’ve actually shouted out the window, “KEEP THE RUCKUS DOWN YOU LITTLE SHITS!” Pathetic. But I have also tried, really and earnestly have been trying, to keep up with the latest music. There are just some songs that get repeated enough that it filters through all the clubs and gets to mine old ears. One of them is Justin Timberlake. I mean really, who does not like the Justin?

When “Can’t Stop the Feeling” came out and people were talking about it all over the internet, I had to click. Damn, that thing is catchy as hell. And feel good too.

I kind of have been listening (trying very, VERY hard), to the new electronica music and the hits and, well, I just do not get it. I used to be able to tell house and techno and drum and bass apart, and now is it just me or does everything sound the damn same? Even the pop songs that the artists are putting out, more or less, sound the same? After 4 or 8 counts, you drop the beat, another 4 to 8 counts you bring up the music so loud you bust eardrums open? This is one of the reasons why that I don’t go to clubs any more. Well one of the MANY, MANY reasons. Another would be shit conversations, if you can even get a word in without shouting. I guess it’s just not my scene and I’m not one of those who go there “for the music” anymore because…well, I don’t understand the “music” they’re playing.

And really, I’d rather play drums.

Am I being a dumpy old hag? Possibly. But when the beat of the song is really predictable and is the same throughout the next 3 songs, it gets boring. I am trying to give the new music a chance, seeing as how technology has moved it forward and the sounds that are being created interest me, but I just wish it weren’t so… predictable.

There are some with great talent out there, for sure, and I wish they would be given more courage to push the creativity envelope further. I mean, sheesh, look at Madonna. The woman is in her 50s and still making the world gasp at her being outrageous, even if it is just the outrageousness of her doing what she’s doing at 50 plus.

So I guess I got my groove back…a bit. I need to hone this a little more and I’ll get back to more writing soon. I’ll leave you with this for now, from an old lady, who loves her old rock n’roll.


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