Wet and Wending Wednesday

Catching my breath today, the middle of the week.

Thus far, my team in my new job has been as productive as can be, but we can always do better so…. there are two more days and we will kick ass. Β But for now, I will leave the professional posts on my professional blog πŸ™‚

That aside! πŸ™‚ Slowly getting the house in shape. Getting back into the spirit of cleaning and nesting.

Updates: I did start a Bullet Journal, but it is as of now, very sparse. It’s doing what I want it to do, which is let me be able to keep track of the things I want to achieve. I’ve joined Facebook groups that help with the obsessionΒ  hobby and give really good tips and tricks. Though the thing is, for me anyway, there seems a little too much, with the glitter, the colors and such, that’s why I’ve just stuck to the black and white pens, sometimes using green ink to strike out those I’ve achieved. I have to say, those little green checks really does help motivate me. I WANT MORE! πŸ™‚

I’ll show a picture as soon as I am more comfortable in my uh, writing skillz. πŸ˜‰

So yeah, I’m just taking a break right now to see how how far I’ve come from Monday, and how far I have to go til Friday.

Planning to do another meal plan for the next week as last week’s cooking spree is working out awesome. SO! This weekend, I plan to make 5 things in amounts that will last another week:

  • beef and cheesy lasagna
  • meatballs
  • potato salad (coz YUM)
  • egg breakfast cups for my punkus
  • chili – both super spicy and not so spicy, and no beans because my BF has gout 😦

Do you have your favorite recipe for these? I actually should take note of them, because sometimes I forget one ingredient or two.

Have a good rest of the week ahead guys! πŸ™‚

So many memories of mine come back alive when this song is played πŸ™‚ I’m so happy he came up with a video for it after 40 years. HAHA!


Sunday Sloooowing waaay down

Whew what a week it has been! Sorry I’ve left you alone for awhile again but I’m seriously keeping to my promise this time around!

It’s now the beginning of June and the past few weeks have been incredibly crazy for me and my little tribe. The most recent development is me moving back into the corporate world after nearly 3 years of not being in it. Suffice it to say, that it took a LOT for me to move out of freelancing, and my new job gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. (Yeah, I did the reference there.)


So because I’m spending less time at home (this, by FAR is the biggest drawback and my biggest fear about going back to corporate world), I’ve gone back to doing what I call “package meals.” What do I mean by that?

Well first and foremost, there are 4 heads (and two rambunctious furry ones) that I need to feed in this house. Because we’re still trying to be as frugal as we can be, so we can save up for a rainy day, I’m trying to find the best ways to keep our food natural and less package-y so we all more or less know what goes INTO everyone’s tummy and internal system. Also, we would like to do it without spending a ridiculous amount in these artisinal organic stores, that though are SOOO yummy, are also one of the many reasons why my wallet weeps. So I tend to make stuff myself.

In the past entries I’ve put in here, you probably noticed that I usually cook in vast quantities. Now, this is because as I am out of the house a lot, now more than ever, I need to be able to know that everyone, in their various schedules are still eating. I would rather they eat IN than out, apart from the cost, most times we grab the easiest thing there, and those tend not to be healthy.

For example, as far as Sunday lunches are concerned, I made a healthy one today:

This is my favorite version of the mighty tomato sandwich. Just lightly toasted bread, butter and sliced tomatoes, with mixed salt and pepper on it. In the cup is a roasted vegetable soup I’m still trying to perfect, though the grated ginger adds the kick I want to it. The whole lunch probably cost me about P150. It is still relatively healthy (bread is whole wheat, and the only “packaged” thing I put in that is one bouillon for the soup), and will last us a few days.

The problem with vast quantities is that most times the whole thing doesn’t get eaten, and tends to get rotten… and thus wasting more, rather than letting everyone save instead. So I am about to tweak this mentality a bit. I’ll still buy and cook in quantity, but I will do a specified version of my packaged meal. What do I mean by that? I mean I have been teaching myself to approach this with more strategy, than just wanting to save money. I need to make sure that the HOUSE will also EAT all the damn food in the fridge.

What I realised is that they inevitably, get tired of what is in the fridge, like “OMG wtf, it’s chicken breasts again.” To me, it is a bargain if I buy the chicken breasts in bulk rather than piece by piece (I really need to top my S&R membership again), or porkchops by the pound. Now, what I realised is that I need to be more creative with what I make with this. Example: instead of making 2 big dishes with a kilo of chicken breasts, I should divide that by 3: make one dish I’d like, one that the house would like, and the other pieces should be left to whomever wants to cook them themselves, in whatever way they want to eat it.

In other words, though I’ll still buy more or less in bulk, I will make it so that there is more variety. SO! To get this challenge started, which I will do in the coming weeks, I’ve decided my first mission is the two of the more easier meats: beef and pork. Beef just because it can be made into many things, and pork, well coz the meat is yum.

So here I go. Another mission into the (guerrilla) culinary world. I will record the process every step of the way, and I’ll keep you updated with what’s going on.

What are you budget food tricks you do for your family and friends at home? Any tips you want to share with me (god knows I need it haha)?

Here’s a little slowdown music for your Sunday from a friend of mine πŸ˜‰