Sunday Sloooowing waaay down

Whew what a week it has been! Sorry I’ve left you alone for awhile again but I’m seriously keeping to my promise this time around!

It’s now the beginning of June and the past few weeks have been incredibly crazy for me and my little tribe. The most recent development is me moving back into the corporate world after nearly 3 years of not being in it. Suffice it to say, that it took a LOT for me to move out of freelancing, and my new job gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. (Yeah, I did the reference there.)


So because I’m spending less time at home (this, by FAR is the biggest drawback and my biggest fear about going back to corporate world), I’ve gone back to doing what I call “package meals.” What do I mean by that?

Well first and foremost, there are 4 heads (and two rambunctious furry ones) that I need to feed in this house. Because we’re still trying to be as frugal as we can be, so we can save up for a rainy day, I’m trying to find the best ways to keep our food natural and less package-y so we all more or less know what goes INTO everyone’s tummy and internal system. Also, we would like to do it without spending a ridiculous amount in these artisinal organic stores, that though are SOOO yummy, are also one of the many reasons why my wallet weeps. So I tend to make stuff myself.

In the past entries I’ve put in here, you probably noticed that I usually cook in vast quantities. Now, this is because as I am out of the house a lot, now more than ever, I need to be able to know that everyone, in their various schedules are still eating. I would rather they eat IN than out, apart from the cost, most times we grab the easiest thing there, and those tend not to be healthy.

For example, as far as Sunday lunches are concerned, I made a healthy one today:

This is my favorite version of the mighty tomato sandwich. Just lightly toasted bread, butter and sliced tomatoes, with mixed salt and pepper on it. In the cup is a roasted vegetable soup I’m still trying to perfect, though the grated ginger adds the kick I want to it. The whole lunch probably cost me about P150. It is still relatively healthy (bread is whole wheat, and the only “packaged” thing I put in that is one bouillon for the soup), and will last us a few days.

The problem with vast quantities is that most times the whole thing doesn’t get eaten, and tends to get rotten… and thus wasting more, rather than letting everyone save instead. So I am about to tweak this mentality a bit. I’ll still buy and cook in quantity, but I will do a specified version of my packaged meal. What do I mean by that? I mean I have been teaching myself to approach this with more strategy, than just wanting to save money. I need to make sure that the HOUSE will also EAT all the damn food in the fridge.

What I realised is that they inevitably, get tired of what is in the fridge, like “OMG wtf, it’s chicken breasts again.” To me, it is a bargain if I buy the chicken breasts in bulk rather than piece by piece (I really need to top my S&R membership again), or porkchops by the pound. Now, what I realised is that I need to be more creative with what I make with this. Example: instead of making 2 big dishes with a kilo of chicken breasts, I should divide that by 3: make one dish I’d like, one that the house would like, and the other pieces should be left to whomever wants to cook them themselves, in whatever way they want to eat it.

In other words, though I’ll still buy more or less in bulk, I will make it so that there is more variety. SO! To get this challenge started, which I will do in the coming weeks, I’ve decided my first mission is the two of the more easier meats: beef and pork. Beef just because it can be made into many things, and pork, well coz the meat is yum.

So here I go. Another mission into the (guerrilla) culinary world. I will record the process every step of the way, and I’ll keep you updated with what’s going on.

What are you budget food tricks you do for your family and friends at home? Any tips you want to share with me (god knows I need it haha)?

Here’s a little slowdown music for your Sunday from a friend of mine 😉



Wednesdays, the middle of the week. My favorite Addams. Somehow I always love the middle of things. Middle of the road, middle of nowhere, middle of a book.  To me, it means that being in the middle, you’re in the thick of it.  It’s not always the best thing, sometimes we don’t like being in the middle, especially of arguments, or just plain drama.  That’s not even yours!  But like being in the middle of the week like we are now, I tend to think of how it all began and how it may or may not end.

I tend to be more introspective on Wednesdays, maybe because I can see where the week started off, and have some sort of idea of where (or how) it could possibly be ending. Today, I’m just trying to take a moment and look where I am in this little digital consultancy that could.

I’m quite proud of the roster of clients I’ve been having quite the pleasure to work with. Don’t get me wrong, I liked that I started out with big companies, the bastions of the industry. I learned a lot from them, and their processes and how things work 🙂

But working now with the upstarts, and looking at them and what they do, most are about renewable energy, preventive medicine, arts and design, all things that really do get my excitement going. Maybe also because they are younger, the pace is faster, things don’t really need to go through a battalion of approvals, just one or two people and all online. Had I known earlier that I could do business this way, I MAY have gotten into this sooner.

Anyway, those are my crazy thoughts on this hump day. I see I still have a long ways to go, but yeah, I’m quite happy where it’s going. I hope and will work towards this direction.

Well then. I now have a few things I’ve been looking at with this wobbly internet of mine.

Because you know, CHANEL.

Kinda loving all the pictures of the house in this post:

As a lover of books, this bookcase is AMAZE.

Liking this guy:


Rolling Stone subscription

I have a subscription to the newsletter of Rolling Stone and since it is my self proclaimed “day of purge” today, I have gone through ALMOST every folder in my email inbox.  One is listed subscriptions and boy there are nearing 2000 things I haven’t read.

So I’ve decided to start with my Rolling Stone subscription. Going through it, I’ve found these gems you all may want to read too 🙂

Weird movies I missed out on last 2014.

The story behind that hiphop classic “Regulate”.

DYLAN covering SINATRA. I mean, c’mon. 🙂

I love this series! If you haven’t watched it yet, please do.

I am torn about this movie. I liked the drumming, but the music is the back seat of the main story that is power tripping. The movie itself doesn’t do anything for jazz, but it is superbly acted. But I do like this guy and the fact that he’s really a drummer.

Because. Aretha.

Things Rolling Stone says to watch out for this year 🙂

Do you guys subscribe to anything? Should I look into other magazines as well? Let me know!  Oh and just in case you want to, I’ve put The Domestic Drummer on Facebook if you want to LIKE it. I haven’t really put anything new in there, but just in case you want to connect through there, here’s The Domestic Drummer on Facebook 🙂

See you guys around!

Hazy Saturday

I got caught up with life again these past few weeks. Been trying to get my consultancy up and running….. it is up for sure, and I’ve sent out proposals and all. But it is still, shall we say, crawling.  Nonetheless, I would rather start things slowly anyway and build a solid foundation of work, that go smack right into it and then run around like a headless chicken.

But hey blog, how are you? I did miss you and wish that I would’ve written a few ditties down.  Though I was on the computer, I just couldn’t get to it, and for that I am sorry. I didn’t forget or anything, just got caught up.  See all those that seem to be forgotten, never really are.  There’s even a new website,, that has all the “forgotten” songs that spotify doesn’t play. FOUR MILLION OF THEM. Let that be the soundtrack whilst reading this entry 🙂

I’m on the fence about these plastic utensils.  I mean, I agree that we should somehow, all of us, find ways to try and lessen our consumption, therefore lessening the things we throw out. Straws for example, are now the metal ones in my home, and even if I DO have plastic spoons and forks from the take out we have ordered in the past, I don’t wash them after I use them. I throw them away.  But in the same way, now when we DO order in, we make it a point to tell the service that we will not be needing plastic utensils.  They usually comply. But anyway, plastic utensils? I suppose yes that will work but what about wooden ones that can be biodegradable? A friend has this kubyertos collection that use wood instead. I know, the trees and what not, but see? I’m still on the fence. I would like to try both out though.

Been reading again lately as well, both for research and pleasure, something I haven’t done in a while. This is a great list of some books that have stayed with me as an (gasp!) adult, though I would change “Pride and Prejudice” for “Persuasion.” That is my favorite book of hers, and the first one I read.  Fahrenheit 451 I haven’t read, and will repair that fault very soon.

Because I have been reading a lot of things online about consultancy, trying to run one, getting clients, and articles of the like, I tend to read a lot of Entrepreneur Magazine.  “21 ways to achieve wealth and success,” and “7 ways to relieve boredom by hustling for extra cash” are the last two articles I read. You may find some useful nuggets of wisdom there too 🙂

A fascinating photo series of Paris, before and after Haussmann made the Paris we know of today.

Because I am a Star Trek fan and love The Next Generation.

The eyes have it, especially with this owl it seems.

And if you have ever wanted your own hipster name generator.

Until next time friends. May your Saturday be relaxing and enjoyable 🙂


Today I am writing from home, where I’ve been for most of the day.  I started out though on a mission to see new places today with J. We saw a total of two, both of which didn’t win us over. Nonetheless, we are not deterred, we know our new home is waiting for us, we will find one perfect for our little tribe.

The rest of the day I spent with my little punk, and researching online, trying to get everything together and in line for when I formally leave my job on Wednesday next week.  It’s exciting this new path I’m on.  I love my company, my job, my team and even clients, but it is time to shift. And boy, this shift I’ve taken on is going to be a DOOZY. Well, it’s the ballsiest move I’ve ever done professionally, and I’m scared… but I’m equally, if not more, excited for the prospect of what lies ahead. 🙂

To continue, let me give everyone who reads this, some new music:

I love these guys! I get to see them play in one more production / gig I’m putting on. YAY! Check them out on Facebook:  They are a bunch of sweethearts too 🙂

If you, like me, have problems with your gut (I believe it is due to my love for spicy chilies), join me in trying out these three recipes I found.  I don’t know what else I can use in place of coriander and fennel seeds as we don’t have those here in Manila, or they are very hard to find. Any advice on this would be welcome 🙂

And because I love mashed potatoes and recently found the glorious joy of eating sweet potatoes, please fellow potato lover, join me in reading through this post and salivating profusely and with abandon.

Because I’m a bit of an Anglophile, and I love the Brits and their gloomy weather and rich history, I saw THIS, the worst years in their history.  And here I thought I was having a bad year!!! Jeebus.

Another little link to history: these woman are pretty badass. Yeah Joan of Arc is there, but there are a couple of onna-bugeisha, or Samurai women, that are listed down too. WICKED.

This is just fun. Walt Disney characters using Instagram. I had quite the chuckle, especially with the hashtags.

J and I love orange juice, and the fresh kind of course, but sometimes it is tedious to just keep squeezing oranges. So you tend to reach for the easiest thing which is frozen or boxed juice.  I won’t anymore after reading this.

Why you should turn off or at least put your mobile on AIRPLANE mode whilst traveling. It’s just RUDE.

As I mentioned, I’m about to do the single most ballsy thing I’ve ever professionally done.  This article I stumbled on has been bookmarked and sent to my email inbox just to have as a constant reminder of the next steps, or foreseeing the inevitable stumbles I will have to go through.  Maybe those who are on the same path as I can find some comfort in this reading too. There is this article as well, to help remember the practicality of my dreams 🙂

I don’t know if you will ever venture coming to our beautiful islands, but if you do, there is a growing neighborhood that has little pockets of great food popping up.  It’s called Kapitolyo, it is my hood, and I love it.  Here are the 8 essential places you should go eat.

I love the Godfather I and II but never liked III.  In the place of Godfather III, I always watched Goodfellas, because, “You know, we always called each other good fellas. Like you said to, uh, somebody, ‘You’re gonna like this guy. He’s all right. He’s a good fella. He’s one of us.’ You understand? We were good fellas. Wiseguys.” And the car scene with the ending piano track of “Layla”. C’MON MAN.  Awesomeness.  I saw this from Ray Liotta the dude who played Henry Hill in Good Fellas.  Fun little trivia 🙂

Lastly, to those who suffer from wanderlust as I do, here are some links to useful little sites and apps to take with you.

Hope you enjoyed some new music and the stuff I stumble upon. I’ll be putting up some DIY things on the net that I’ve tried out in my own home soon. I’m just trying to get the pictures together. Cheers and have a great weekend 😉

Politics and work

Now that the storm has passed, even if it is cloudy, I’m less nervous about the destructive winds and floods.  Things have subsided. Ah the perils of living in the tropics!!

We do have this, but we also have to deal with Mother Nature’s wrath.


Politics has been part of my life. Coming from a political family, you can’t really escape it, though believe me, I have tried.

That being said, I read this about this fantastic President in Uruguay, Jose Mujica.  He is very controversial because of the way he lives and presents himself, which is very humbly. But his anarchistic past was a damn surprise.

And of course, this vote really did throw me for a loop. I’m not part of Great Britain but well I thought they would vote the other way. Well pleased that they didn’t though.

Work has always been a source of pride for me, that I can push myself, my intellect and limits to garner results.  It is something I can call my own, something I’ve earned, and something that gives me purpose.  I love working and being busy.  I absolutely LOVE it when it is part of a bigger picture.  That’s why there have been times I quit my job with no other reason than that I saw no point in it anymore.

I love that there is always hope. especially in business. I’m not getting any younger, and this was just so inspiring. 

Life Magazine has always had awesome spreads.  This just shows workaholic me how far we ladies have come.

And as I’ve come to this level in my career, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting new entrants into the professional world, trying to find their way, and sadly failing miserably.  This was a good read in the effort to help people understand that it’s not always just about which school you come from.

I am lucky enough to be working with some of the best in social media. I get to ask them for advice without having to go to lectures: i just plop down on a seat in the canteen and ask them stuff. One of these guys is Jason Cruz, he himself a social media guru, gives talks and unlike me, writes blogs that make sense hahaha 🙂 Click here for his top tips for those who want to go into social media.

Also, now I’m about to embark on the ballsy-est move ever in my career: that which is to try and start out on my own and make passions into financially viable projects. This especially is a good reminder.

Saw a new band this week, pretty cool stuff from dudes out of Hong Kong.  I would love to see some of our bands go THERE.  Fingers crossed. For now, enjoy Scandanavia 😉


Weird Thursday

HI all. The weather has been weird the whole day, and it sorta fits my mood today.  We had no work today, which was a relief really, somehow I’ve been soooo tired recently even when getting 7 hours of sleep a night. Weird, right?

Anyway, been checking out new music for today. Here’s some I found 🙂

Bullet Dumas: an incredible local artist. He’s lovely and a mathematician.  Download his song HERE. Just login and register first.

Now I’ve talked about NOISE TRADE in the past.  I’ve found some gems there today:

I love the sound of these guys named Boncho. As their description says, if you like The Strokes, the Cars, The Ramones and Phoenix, you’d probably dig them.

There is also this artist, Lost and Found, and they sound like The Shins and the Black Keys (I don’t know the other two bands mentioned).

I don’t know how many of you out there are Motley Crue fans but a best friend is and she won’t shut up about them. I like them too just not to the fangirl levels she has reached.  Nonetheless, if you do know anything about them, it is usually about their debauchery in the 80s when make up and Aquanet were kings of all male dressing rooms.  This is still a great read, straight from Rolling Stone.

One of the biggest problems I have, especially since I’ve put myself on a budget, is making a healthy packed lunch. THIS just gave me a ton of ideas.

Still on the fence about the whole traveling alone thing. I like traveling alone, don’t get me wrong. But there are experiences that just need to be shared.  But there is some point in some of these trips, though the trip through the wilderness isn’t one that I want to take alone.

Interesting factoids about music.

And this is how English sounds like to those who don’t know how to speak it 😉

That’s it for now. I hope I get to write more soon! See ya then, and have a good one.



Coming back slowly :)

Yes it has been a while. Life caught up with me, and well, I just had to answer.

I’ve now gotten back into the music scene here in Manila; I’m managing a band I used to manage back in 08 (?) til I had formed my own band and I needed to prioritize that. We’re all old friends, so it’s good that I get to hang with them again and I am excited to be part of their journey!

I’ve also started producing little gigs here and there again. Currently in my little excel file, I have *crikey* NINE shows from this month all the way to November4th. Well dang. Here I thought I was being all, “let’s space out the gigs….” But no. I think I went overboard. Ah well. The last prod I had, which was two days ago was a ginormous success so I’m glad to be doing it. Besides, I get to watch the acts I want to watch and hang out with people I like. With beer. Yay! I guess this is my equivalent to mommy time.

Anyway, since I’ve just put my son down to his afternoon nap, I think I have a bit of time to hang out here and catch up with all you lovely folks who are reading this blog.

Ah pasta. I’ve gotten back to freezing my homemade version of pesto (yay for balcony basil!) and I’m starting to get the hang of making tomato sauce from scratch (still trying a few ingredients out), but seeing that you can make pasta in one pan just made my year. Here check out some of the recipes from Buzzfeed:

The enchilada one looks so super yum!

Because seriously, what meat eater doesn’t like steak? And I love this woman. I followed her blog before all the books and shows and loved her love story with her “cowboy” husband. Then she knows how to cook these lovely hearty comforting dishes. YUM ALL THE WAY J

Maybe I shouldn’t comment on this topic, but I (as some have it seems) have noticed that there are a lot of self-entitled people out there. I find this to be true especially in the workplace. I work as an account director in an international advertising company and it astounds me that kids that come in looking for work expect that they should do very little of it. They somehow feel like it is owed to them in some way, to get that pay grade, that bonus, without doing a damn thing. Even the work they are supposed to be doing or are duly part of their job description is scoffed at. Being a new mom, I’m scared shitless that my son would lose this motivation to work because really, though most is hard, there is nothing like that feeling of accomplishment, or earned respect and just that feeling of being productive or having achieved something during the day. There is a confidence that comes with it that I personally have no been able to get anywhere else. So this was an interesting read:

I am a wee bit of a germophobe/OC dork, so I like washing my hands a lot. It’s come to a point that I have had to chill out with the washing as the skin on my fingers are getting cracked and whack (hehe I rhymed!). Anyhoo, for those of you who like to travel like I do, and are a little OC as well, maybe you want to read up on this:

The points are common sense really…. The bathroom stuff just freaks me out.

Lawd but I do want to live in this space:

Love it all. And that gallery wall is still a damn dream of mine. I have the posters and prints to cover several walls. Urg, I need to get around to framing them all.

Another love of mine is for books. I love this site because they talk about books and authors, and things said in those books by those authors. And they talk about the genius of books in general which DUH, is awesome. For those bookphiles out there, here are some little factoids that are a good read:

Whatever has been said about him, I like Richard Branson and love the way he took his destiny into his own hands. Here are some quotes from him to help us get through the week:

Because this has been two of the most trying weeks in my recent history, this list of “13 things to remember when life gets rough”, just about saved my sanity and reminded me I’m not such a bad person after all:

And now to the end of this entry. A friend of mine has finally released his album online. I hope you guys give it a listen and download. If you like steady but eclectic electronic music, you will like this:

Thanks for coming through. I’m planning more entries and I will be trying to post more often. CHEERS!

Monday morning madness

Just wanted to check in real quick and say HELLO FELLOW MONSTERS OUT THERE! 🙂

Few things: Saw this on Facebook and it is truer than anything I’ve read about motherhood ever.


So so so true.

Also, for those who love breakfast as much as I do, please click through this link and drool with me:

Damn you Buzzfeed! How I love and hate you simultaneously for showing all these things of note!!! *shakes fist at screen*

And lastly, a little music for us all to get the day going. I love this lady, Ms. Badkiss, who is a killer DJ from the Philippines. Check her mix and page in SoundCloud.  Here is something to start you off 🙂

Cheers everyone and Happy Monday!!