Sci-fi and geekdom

My first celebrity crush was Wil Wheaton. From way back in “Stand By Me” to “Toy Soldiers”, then later on in my favorite Star Trek series, The Next Generation as Wesley Crusher.

First crushes never die I tell you. And this awesome fellow has now banked on his awesome nerdiness and told a kid at this convention how not to let people calling them a nerd to get to them.

Then, just as I am a Star Trek lover, I am a Jedi lover as well. I do not discriminate in which world I would like to live in.  This video of how lightsabers were ‘invented’ just about knocked my socks off tonight.

As I’ve mentioned in the other blog, I have a love for writing and Shakespeare.  I have a love for books really, and most everything to do with literature, except maybe editing.  I adore Jane Austen, and wish I could have been her friend.  Anyway, you will know the love I feel for this little gem I found on the internet today for two things: well obviously the whole Victorian aspect of it, and secondly because my name is Aberforth Magnus; Aberforth being one of the names of one of my fictional heroes, Albus Dumblebore.  Oh yeah, did I mention I’m a Potterhead too? 🙂


Then there was this.

fiction death


Oh lawdy, Sirius Black. 😥

And I’ve stopped playing April Fool’s jokes online as of this year, and hope that this isn’t a prank coz it would really piss me off:

Happy April Fool’s day, and welcome to the second quarter of the year! 🙂



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