Hey all~~~

Happy New Year to all those who are following this little blog of mine 🙂

As with every new year, I have been cliched enough to make resolutions.  I usually stick to most of them, but things like “try to exercise” is usually gone by February.  This year, in an effort to STICK TO THE PROGRAM, I am posting the resolutions here in absolutely no particular order:

– Only buy second hand clothes or those who are made by local designers;

– Try and break up with gadgets, mainly my mobile, start with taking off a least 2 hours off any kind of gadget;

– Lessen plastic consumption at home, starting with straws;

– Do all the recipes in most / all of the cook books and files in the house;

– Do monthly accounting diligently for one’s own sanity;


– Try to write more, especially to practice handwriting and writing letters;

– Engage in SOME form of exercise;

– Seriously get back into music, both with the drums and cello.

To sum up, my word for the year is DELIBERATE.  I want to do things DELIBERATELY and with purpose. Not just because I can.

I just saw this entry of Marilyn Monroe in Vanity Fair, and I am astounded by the detail of her resolutions.  Everything really is in the details huh?

So what are your resolutions? 🙂